Topic about the Maldives you are the best

" A topic about the Maldives ".

 A topic about the Maldives. the Maldives Islands The Maldives, or as it is pronounced in the English language (Maldives), is one of the most important modern tourist destinations that tourists from all over the world visit for the purpose of entertainment and recreation.

A topic about the Maldives

 thanks to its very mild climate and stunning nature. which made it a suitable place for businessmen. and lovers of Skiing. divers. newlyweds and others. and the following is the most important information on these islands.

 About the Maldives These islands are located in the continent of Asia in the Indian Ocean, and have an area of ​​approximately 71,740 km², and consist of twenty-six islands, and include approximately one thousand one hundred and ninety-two atolls, of which two hundred are inhabited islands only, and are taken from the city of Male or Male As its main capital.

 it adopts the republican system of government, headed by its Prime Minister Abdullah Yameen, and has been working within its constitution since 2008, knowing that it gained independence from the British occupation in 1965 AD, in addition to being a member of the Commonwealth countries since 1982 AD.

Population of Maldives.

 The population of the Maldives is about 393,500 people, according to the 2013 census, and its residents are called Maldives, or Maldives, and the official religion for them is the Islamic religion, and most of them belong to the Sunni sect.

 and most of them belong to the Sinhalese descent from Sri Lanka, and some of them have Indian roots. Some of them are of Arab descent. As for their official language, most of the inhabitants of these islands speak Dhivehi and English.

 The people of the Maldives are distinguished by their good reception of tourists, as they are very friendly peoples, despite their remarkable shyness, which makes the trip there an experience full of vitality, nature, respect, and love.

Economy in Maldives.

 The rufiya currency, which is abbreviated as (MVR), is the main currency of these islands, and its economy depends on many sectors, especially the tourism sector, where it generates money when its tourist resorts are crowded, especially with European tourists, especially during the Italian Easter period, when the highest rise is For the prices there.

 and most of the population there works in the industrial, fishing, and tourism sectors, where thousands of them go fishing, while women cook and grill fish and sell them, as seafood is the main food on these islands.

 and a large proportion of it is exported to different regions From the world. especially Japan. in addition to the extensive cultivation of coconut. papaya. pineapple. pomegranate. as well as sweet potatoes.

The public square in the Maldives.

 The Maldives includes the so-called Public Square or Republic Square. which is a wide field that includes vast areas of green grass and fertile farms. It is located along the northern sea side of the islands. It is popular and has great demand. especially in social and recreational events.

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