Coming soon: Muraka underwater villa in the Maldives!

 Coming soon: Muraka underwater villa in the Maldives! It might be time to enjoy underwater villa living. as this idea that started over half a century ago is now a mainstay for luxury resorts everywhere. from Tahiti to Mexico to Dubai. One of the brands at the forefront of this redesign is Conard.

Coming soon: Muraka underwater villa in the Maldives!

 which is updating their on-water accommodations. The world's first underwater villa will be unveiled at Conard Maldives on Rangali Island by the end of the year.marking the completion of a $15 million investment. allowing guests to sleep with the fish The new undersea headquarters.

Coming soon: '' Muraka underwater villa in the Maldives! ".

 called Muraka ("coral" in Dhivehi). was designed by MJ Murphy. a New Zealand-based aquarium technology company. and will be stationed 16 feet under the turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

 The villa features a wide curved dome allowing guests to watch the marine life swimming above them while sleeping in bed This villa consists of a living room and an underwater bathroom. where they can watch sharks and many other species of fish. 

 And if guests are getting weary of being under the sea. they can head upstairs. Although more traditional. this area has all the luxuries of the best overwater villas. such as views of the Indian Ocean. decks facing the sunset and an infinity-edge pool.

 In all. Muraka can sleep up to nine guests in the overwater and underwater bedrooms – guests will have plenty of room to move around.

 as the villa also features a private gym. kitchen. bar. dining and living rooms. Muraka guests also have full access to the hotel's two spas and 12 restaurants. as well as an array of activities in the ocean.

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