Maldives for honeymoon Get to know the best island

" Maldives for honeymoon ".

 Honeymoon in the MaldivesMaldives for honeymoon Before choosing the place where the newlyweds want to spend their honeymoon. they must have an idea of ​​this place. The Maldives is the official name of the Republic of Maldives.

Maldives for honeymoon

 and it is a Muslim country consisting of a large number of islands extending in the form of an arc with a length of 823 km. and the number of these The islands are about 1190. many of which are uninhabited due to their small area. as the number of inhabited islands does not exceed 200 islands.

 The Maldives is located in the southwest of India on the Asian continent within the waters of the Indian Ocean south of the equator. so it has a tropical climate. which is characterized by high temperatures. and rainfall throughout the year. as well as high humidity.

The capital of the Maldives.

 The capital of the Republic of Maldives is the city of "Male". which is a densely populated city throughout the year. with commercial markets spread along its sea shores.

 as well as many luxury restaurants. and shops selling heritage goods that serve as souvenirs. and because these islands were under British rule. most of the population speak English especially fluently. Whoever pursues the profession of trade. the currency is the Maldivian rupee.

Natural features in the Maldive.

 These islands are characterized by their white sandy beaches. the spread of cocoa trees. and the fact that most of the land areas are marshes. so their land is not suitable for the growth of dense forests like other tropical regions.

 as there are no mountains or hills. and coral reefs are an important part of the protection elements of these islands. Coral reefs are home to many types of fish. shells. and marine life.

Economy in the Maldive.

 The main occupation of the population is fishing. and many of the population still practice this profession because of the availability of many types of fish in large quantities; The spread of coral reefs helps provide food for these fish. and helps their reproduction in a large way.

 and the tourism sector contributes significantly to the economy of these islands. and is considered one of the sectors that are rapidly growing. but this sector has become the sector on which the economy depends in the country.

 while the industrial sector is A small sector that does not exceed the manufacture of traditional boats. handicrafts. and canning of tuna. most of which are exported abroad.

Tourist places.

 There are many options for a distinguished honeymoon on these islands. You will find entertainment venues. luxury hotels. restaurants. and cafes scattered all over the place.

 Each island has tourist resorts that gather all the facilities a tourist needs. including various forms of water sports. and cruises to uninhabited islands that are still Nature has a virgin that has not been tampered with by human hands.

The most important tourist resorts.

 Heleningili Island the capital Mali Republic Square the National Museum Isdhoo; All of these resorts contain a number of international hotels and organize weekly or daily tourist programs.

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