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" Maldives in which country ".

Maldives in which country. the Maldives Islands Officially known as the Republic of the Maldives. and its capital is the city of Male. which is one of the largest cities in it.

Maldives in which country

 Istiwa in it. as the Arabs called it in the past by the name of Dhiba Al-Mahal. and by the name of Mahdeeb.

Geography in the Maldives.

 It is geographically located in the waters of the Indian Ocean. as it belongs to the continent of Asia.

 and is located to the south of it. and its climate is greatly affected by the resulting sea currents coming from the Indian Ocean.

Population of the Maldives.

 Its population is 200,000 thousand people. according to the statistics of 1978 AD. In 2007. its population reached 300,000 thousand people.

 The residents speak Dhivehi. which is the official language on the island. and the majority of its residents owe the official religion. which is the Islamic religion.

general information.

 It is an Islamic republic whose economy depends on the tourism sector. coral fishing. and fishing.

 The island's current constitution was issued in 2008 on the seventh day of August. The island's flag consists of three elements: the green rectangle. the red frame. and the crescent.

 The islands are divided administratively into twenty-six Atolls, and also have one thousand one hundred. and ninety coral islands. and the islands are characterized by the fact that they consist of earth barriers. and live coral cracks.

 In the year 2004 AD, the island was hit by the tsunami, which destroyed all the islands of the island except for nine islands.

 The island was a protectorate of Britain before it gained its independence in 1965. and in 1982 the island joined the Commonwealth of Nations. and it became a member of it.

 Buddhism entered the island during the expansion of Emperor Ashoka. and the population's religion continued to Buddhism until the twelfth century AD.

 The unemployment rate on the island is 12%, according to 2014 statistics. and the GDP is 1.877 billion dollars, according to 2009 statistics.

 Among the island’s affiliations and memberships: the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the International Development Foundation, the Commonwealth of Nations, the World Trade Organization

 the United Nations, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Asian Development Bank.

 the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, the International Finance Corporation. and the Alliance of Small Island States.

The most important tourist attractions in the Maldives.

 Among the most important tourist, historical and archaeological attractions on the island: Hangingamedhu Thila, which owns a large and diverse number of marine creatures, the public square.

 and resorts such as: Barosh Resort, Veligando Island Resort, Four Seasons Resort, Soneva Gili Resort, Merihi Resort.

 Taj Exotica Resort. and Beach Resort Lilly, the National Museum, which in the past was the palace of the Sultan. and the Great Mosque.

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