The Maldives for Arab travelers

" The Maldives for Arab travelers ".

 The Maldives for Arab travelers. the Maldive Islands The Maldives is located in the continent of Asia. bordered by the Indian Ocean to the south and west. to the north by the Arabian Sea. and to the northeast by Lakkadif. and the equator specifically crosses it in the south.

The Maldives for Arab travelers

 This important strategic location gave the islands a great advantage on the commercial level. Many were built. It is one of the institutions and commercial centers, and it has become exporting fish. tissues and shells to all parts of the world.

 and it is also considered one of the Islamic countries, where its residents embrace the Islamic religion by 100%, and its residents perform all religious rituals, and they speak the Dhivehi language as the official language of the country.

 and this language contains many Arabic words, This island is also known as the Republic of the Maldives and its capital is Male, and it consists of approximately 1,190 atolls.

 and it was called the old Thiba Al-Mahal or Mahdeeb, and we will review the most important information related to the Maldives.

 The area of ​​the Maldives The Maldives consists of 202 islands in which the population lives. The area of ​​these islands Maldives is about 290 km, and it is said that its land area is estimated at about 1000.89 km².

 and the length of the island from the north to the south is 823 km, and from the width it reaches a maximum width of about 130 km, and it consists Of about 202 islands inhabited by the population.

Visa for Arab travelers.

 There is no need to pre-arrange a visa for travelers to enter the Maldives; Because all travelers of all nationalities, whether they are Arabs or not, are given a free 30-day visa.

 but it is necessary to pay attention and abide by the following conditions: that the person possess tickets, and a valid passport, meaning that it has a minimum of six months.

Best time to visit the islands.

 The period from December to January is one of the most times in which the Maldives receives tourists from all parts of the world, because its atmosphere during this period is sunny and stable.

 while other continents such as Europe are under the influence of severe frost and rain waves, and it In the month of January, the number of tourists, especially Arabs, increases significantly, because in this period the New Year celebrations are in addition to the Christmas celebrations.

 as all the resorts in the Maldives become overcrowded and ticket prices increase dramatically, while in the period from May to the month of May.

 June These islands witness a tourism recession due to thunderstorms, heavy rain and high humidity, which leads to a decrease in ticket prices during these months.

 except for the month of August, which coincides with the Italian Easter, when there is an increase in the number of tourists.

 Tourist Places Many Arab tourists go to the Maldives for tourism, recreation and spending some fun and beautiful times in the lap of nature and away from the pressures of work.

 For about a hundred meters, the most famous of them are blue rocks, frasslers, and trevalis. The northern corner of Kaluhadheura countryside is one of the most beautiful sites on these islands.

 as it contains many different living creatures such as coral reefs of very beautiful colors, octopus, and sponges, in addition to gray and white sharks, which are concentrated In the Manta Rise Channel.

 the other site that attracts divers and swimmers in these islands and includes many caves inhabited by coral reefs and beautiful fish at a distance of two kilometers is the Mofushi Faro site, where this site was one of the most beautiful tourist sites in the Maldives.

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