Tourism in the Maldives is the best islands

" Tourism in the Maldives ".

 Tourism in the MaldivesTourism is the process of moving an individual from one place to another. for a period of not less than 24 hours. and not more than a year. in which the goal is entertainment. treatment. research. and exploration.

Tourism in the Maldives

 Money is not considered tourism. and there are two types of tourism. which are internal tourism. that is. in which movement takes place from one place to another under the previously mentioned conditions.

 but within the country itself. while external tourism is the process of moving an individual from his place of residence to another country.

 as tourism has multiple goals. including The curiosity that a person has to know or see an unknown such as one of the seven wonders of the world. or it may be for the purpose of recreation. and rejuvenation in it or for the purpose of education.

Get to know Maldives.

 The Maldives is a republic consisting of several islands that make up about 1.190 coral islands. located in the continent of Asia. and the Indian Ocean. and it is officially called the Republic of the Maldives.

 as the islands consist of barriers made up of dirt. as well as live coral cracks. and the Maldives enjoys a moderate climate where the temperature varies It is from 24 to 33 degrees Celsius with high humidity.

 and the Maldives is considered one of the most prominent areas that tourists visit for the purpose of recreation. and recreation. with its beautiful. and attractive tourist resorts. The people of the Maldives speak the Dhivehi language. and are said to be similar to the Arabic language in its vocabulary.

Tourism in the Maldives.

 Despite the small size occupied by the Maldivian islands. but the diverse atmosphere. and tourist places that attract tourists to it from all over the world. as the Maldives is one of the best tourist destinations for an enjoyable vacation.

 because the Maldives enjoys a sunny. and warm atmosphere from December to April. so it will be A winter is suitable for European tourists. and countries where the weather is cold. as well as during the month of January.

 there is tourist crowding in the Maldives in preparation for holidays such as the Glorious Eid. New Year. and others. and prices vary according to the time of tourism if it is related to religious or popular events.

 and the number of tourists may decrease during the period Extending from May to June due to changing weather conditions. and frequent storms with the high level of humidity. and among the most prominent tourist places in the Maldives:

 Republic Square: It is also called the Public Square. This square is filled with fertile green plants. It is located along the northern side of the coast. It is a preferred place for all ages. adults. and children. In the square there is also a place designated for the President of the Republic. and members of the Council of Ministers to disembark when they are on recreational trips.

 Isdhoo Island: where this island belongs to the island of Hadhanmathi and this island is characterized by the fact that it displays the history of the Republic of the Maldives from the pre-Islamic period and contains a number of Buddhist monuments and contains rituals and royal ceremonies in the past written on plates made of copper metal.

 The National Museum: It is one of the most prominent places visited by tourists from all over the world It is an old palace of the Sultan that has been converted into a museum The museum contains the ancient relics of the sultans such as jewelry ornaments as well as clothing Maldives.

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