What are the Maldives? Is it a tourist?

" What is the Maldives? ".

 What is the Maldives?. The Maldives is a small group of Asian islands located in the Indian Ocean. It is an Islamic country. Since its inhabitants are all Muslims. it was called in the past by the Arabs “Mahldib” or “Dhiba Al-Mahal”.

What is the Maldives?

 hence the name has been modified to become the Maldives. and its capital is Mali. and the official language in it is Dhivehi. and the system of government in this country is republican.

 and the number o residents is estimated This country has approximately six million people, according to 2008 AD statistics, and its currency is the Maldivian rupiah.

Islam in the Maldives.

 The Islamic religion and Islamic law in the Maldives are of paramount importance, and this is apparent and clear from the Maldivian constitution; Whereas.

 citizens should be followers of the Islamic religion only; As it does not accept any citizen who does not embrace the Islamic religion.

 Also, the Maldivian law in force should not contradict in any way with Islamic legislation, and citizens are free to carry out any activity, whatever unless it is in conflict with Islamic Sharia first and with the law secondly.

 Also, the Maldivian people have always adhered to the teachings of the Islamic religion and this is clear One of the Maldivian celebrations, whether official, religious or other celebrations.

 The Maldives is currently an important tourist destination from all over the world due to the breathtaking natural beauty that this country enjoys; Maldivian geography is unique and exceptional.

 Maldivian tourism emerged in the early seventies of the last century; As tourism, its development and prosperity in this country have contributed in a very large way to the transformation.

 and development of the Maldivian economy; Where it became dependent, mainly and largely on it, instead of its economy before that depended on the fisheries sector and the fisheries that it enjoyed.

Maldives flag.

 The Maldivian flag consists of three elements; As each of these elements symbolizes a specific matter, which are beautiful things; The first element, which is the red frame, symbolizes work, mastery and dedication to it.

 in addition to the fact that it symbolizes the blood of the martyrs, while the green rectangle that is located inside the big red frame that falls outside of the flag symbolizes Islam, palms, peace and optimism.

 and finally in the flag a crescent falls In the middle of the green crescent symbolizes the official and main religion in the country, which is the Islamic religion, and these three symbols indicate in one way or another the beautiful.

 and distinct nature of the Maldivian people. This science in its current form is the final one; Its shape was different in the first half of the twentieth century.

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