the Maldives Islands

" the Maldives Islands ".

 the Maldives Islands. The Republic of the Maldives is one of the Asian countries in the Indian Ocean. and it is located within a double island chain consisting of twenty-six coral islands spread over the surface of the earth with an area of ​​approximately 90,000 square meters.

the moldive Islands

 located between the island of Maliku. which is the southern part of the Indian Lakshadweep. and between the island of the archipelago Chagos, and Male is the capital of these islands.

 and it is located 600 km to the southwest of India. and 750 km to the southwest of Sri Lanka. and was controlled by many countries with colonial powers at that time such as Portugal. the Netherlands.

 and Britain, and the independence of The country was liberated from the British Empire in 1965, after a rule of nearly 78 years, and in 1968 it became a republic.

 The population of these islands is more than four hundred thousand people, so it is the least populated and smallest Asian country.

 with an average height of one and a half meters above the surface of the earth. making it the lowest country on the planet. and it is famous for rising sea levels. which is a source of great concern for its people.

The beginning of the history of the Maldives.

 It is believed that the first settlers of these islands were Dravidians from Tamil Nadu from 300 BC to 300 AD. and most likely they were fishermen from the southern coasts of the Indian subcontinent and the western coasts of Sri Lanka.

 Himyarites before converting to Christianity by Theophilus in 350 AD. and Buddhism came to these islands during the process of expanding the empire of Ashoka. and Buddhism became the dominant religion at that time.

 and the ancient kings contributed to the promotion of this religion. and the forms of sculpture developed to high degrees. Architecture also developed. as they practiced ancient Hindu rituals.

 and there are many ancient monuments that indicate the existence of this era, such as the Mali Museum, which displays the iconic Mahayana and Vajrayana items, and an ancient copper book was found dating back to 1194 AD.

 after that it was the beginning ofThe Islamic era at the end of the twelfth century, after a plaque was found in the Mali Juma Mosque on which was written the name of Yusuf al-Tabrizi of Iranian nationality, who turned this country into an Islamic state.

Various information about the Maldives.

  1. Climate: The climate is tropical, seasonal, and is strongly influenced by the regions of South Asia to its north.
  2. Rain: The average rainfall during one year reaches 2,500 mm in the northern regions, and 3,800 mm in the southern regions.
  3. Religion: Islam is the dominant religion in this country.
  4. Language: Dhivehi.

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