Did you know to book a resort in the Maldives pay $100,000?

 Did you know to book a resort in the Maldives pay $100,000? revealed one a Resorts The luxurious resort recently announced a full reservation offer for Soneva Fushi Resort, and the amazing offer allows guests to spend an exclusive experience on one of the tropical islands of the Maldives amidst the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Did you know to book a resort in the Maldives pay $100,000?

" Did you know to book a resort in the Maldives pay $100,000? ".

 With the island resort's full reservation offer, guests enjoy the tranquility, tranquility, and safety that they desperately need during the current period, and they enjoy a luxurious vacation within a natural and isolated haven, where they can stay in the spacious villas within the resort.

 Soneva FuchsiaEat delicious dishes and experience exclusive experiences for 100,000 US dollars per night. Guests can invite their best friends and head to their private resort on a jet plane to enjoy the sun, the magic of the beach, and the seawater.

 The price includes the cost of accommodation in any of the resort's 1 to 9 bedroom villas, for an unlimited number of friends and family members, and does not include meals, experiences, or transfers.

 Visitors to the island can embark on organized excursions or embark on adventure-filled adventures as they wish, as Soneva Resorts and Islands embody secluded sanctuaries with the utmost privacy beaches.

 Cinema lovers will be able to watch their favorite shows through special screens in the open-air cinema "Cinema Paradiso".

 and gourmets will enjoy the flavors of international dishes prepared in the resort's restaurants, which are transformed during this experience into their kitchens. The irresistible choices range from ice cream, sorbet, chocolate, cold cuts, cheese, and preserves.

 The full booking offers are ideal for those wishing to spend a family vacation, meet with friends or celebrate a special occasion, and stand out as exceptional experiences that live up to the expectations of guests despite the difficult circumstances of the current situation.

 The resort operates as usual, but without the need to pre-book restaurants or other experiences. Destination-goers can cycle through bush trails. head to the beach on their own. or take a walk on the sand while sampling refreshing sunset cocktails.

 Guests coming to the Maldives wishing to travel to certain countries are complying with the travel measures and restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak.

 It is advisable to check regularly the requirements for travel to the Maldives to keep up to date with the latest recommendations and news.

 Soneva Resorts is closely monitoring the evolving situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it has put in place an effective management and prevention plan to ensure the health and safety of guests and hosts throughout their stay.

 The precautionary measures plan includes implementing a comprehensive sterilization program in all resorts and following enhanced sterilization protocols.

 as well as adhering to quarantine procedures in emergency cases. medical examinations, and preparing a detailed program to raise awareness among hosts. The Frequently Asked Questions section can be accessed via this link.

 Soneva Resorts has a flexible cancellation policy for reservations during the current period.

About Soneva Resorts.

 Comprising a leading portfolio of hospitality facilities and services. Soneva offers its visitors an exceptional range of immersive experiences in luxurious and inspiring atmospheres and environments. ranging from world-class hotels to unique natural destinations.

 Based on its philosophy that combines the vocabulary of luxury with the efforts of sustainability and preservation of the environment, which is integrated with its endeavors to give new concepts to the hospitality sector, Soneva works to provide its visitors with high-value experiences and services that suit all their different needs.

 Currently, Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani, and Soneva in Aqua in the Maldives are owned and operated by Soneva, as well as Soneva Keri in Thailand.

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