How much does a honeymoon cost in the Maldives?

 How much does a honeymoon cost in the Maldives? The Maldives or the Maldives Island, as the Arabs called it in the past, is that charming destination in the continent of Asia, which is visited by many tourists from all over the world, especially newly married ones, to enjoy special holidays on its pristine beaches.

How much does a honeymoon cost in the Maldives?

Information about the Maldives.

 The Maldives consists of 26 small islands. It is a republican country separating India and Sri Lanka, with a total area of approximately 71,740 square kilometers.

 It is bordered on the north by Ihavandhippolhu Island, and on the south by the city of Addu. The capital, Male, is the largest city in it and its main port. As for the official language, it is Dhivehi, and the religion is Islam.

 The Rufiyaa became the official currency in 1981 as an alternative to the old currency, the rupee, which is approximately equal to 12.85 rufiyaas per US dollar.

Maldives prices and travel costs for honeymoon.

 The honeymoon trip is the first trip in the life of the couple, through which each aspires to spend happy days that will keep his memory for a lifetime.

 and the Maldives is the perfect destination for a fantasy honeymoon, but the most important question that everyone has when choosing this charming destination, what are the prices of the islands Maldives and travel costs for honeymoon there?

 Therefore, we tried to collect as much information as possible about the cost of that trip, including round-trip airline tickets and hotel reservations, and the hotel or tourist resort is the determining factor in the rise or fall of the costs of that flight.

Where can I get the best Maldives deals and prices?

 You can get the best offers for a fantasy honeymoon or a happy holiday with the family through two sites that are considered the best in providing offers for flight and hotel reservations, Booking and Agoda, where each offers a range of hotel offers for the most beautiful and famous tourist resorts with which you can have fun and luxury at affordable prices.

 Discounted, distinctive, and guaranteed services, unlike many tourist offices that cannot provide tourism services on the same level of quality and excellence.

 As for the flight reservation offers, you can get one of them from the tourism offices that provide this service with high quality, by obtaining discounted offers from airlines throughout the year.

Flights to the Maldives.

 The cost of your trip to the Maldives depends primarily on the price of the hotel reservation and the price of airline tickets

 Which in turn depends on the airlines that you choose. If you are a citizen of the Gulf countries, you are definitely in front of two options, which are the best among the available options, namely Qatar Airways or Emirates Airlines, both of which are characterized by the short flight duration and the best price in most times.

 On the other hand. there are many of the options that may be less expensive, but certainly, the longest in terms of flight time, as flights stop at more than one point, making the flight duration longer, such as Malaysian or Sri Lankan flights.

 So, if your honeymoon trip does not exceed 5-6 days and you are looking for a trip full of luxury and comfort without stopping in the least time. then you are in front of two distinct options: Qatar Airways or Emirates Airlines.

 If your vacation is long and you are looking for a cheaper flight, you can choose one of the other options available.

How is the travel budget determined?

 Determining the travel budget is one of the most important steps that must be taken into account when planning your vacation in the Maldives because there is a large disparity between hotel prices and within the hotel itself as well.

 but we can provide you with a picture of how to determine the travel budget that can increase and decrease according to the expenses and habits of the traveler. With the following assumption:

– Number of people in the room: 2 x number of nights = 4 x hotel level and room density = average price x flight + economy class x other hotel expenses (coffee - tea - massage - lunch - snack - trips) = total cost.

 To take care of the children you can get a nanny by the hour ($10 an hour).

Factors that control the prices and costs of travel to the Maldives:

 Travel costs to the Maldives and the islands, in general, are governed by several things, the most important of which are:

  1. - Travel time: according to the season.
  2. Accommodation type: hotel/resort/room on the sea / inside a building/bungalow in the water.
  3. - The number of people.
  4. - The number of days.

Factors that may increase the cost of a honeymoon trip in the Maldives.

  1. - Eating during the period you spend in the resort (restaurants).
  2. - Recreational activities and spa.
  3. - Internal transfers by boat or seaplane.
  4. - flight tickets.

 When booking in a resort in the Maldives, try to write to the hotel three days or a week before you go and inform them of your arrival time and flight number and that you are coming for the honeymoon, so that they can receive you at the airport and offer some special offers and advantages to the bridal.

Maldives prices in numbers.

 To give an approximate picture, we can put approximate rates for two people per night only as follows:

  1. - star hotels: from $350 to $2000.
  2. - star hotels: from $200 to $750.
  3. - star hotels: from $150 to $500.

  • seaplane

 The seaplane is used to transport guests to hotels with long distances. The cost of the trip in both directions is 450 dollars per person. As for nearby hotels. it can be reached by express, and the cost of the trip in both directions is 200 dollars per person.

  • Other expenses

 These are the additional expenses that differ from one hotel to another. For example. most hotels (resorts) put a TV on which you can watch channels for 10 dollars per day.

 and others provide a water boiler with samples of sugar, tea, and coffee, and once you use it, add 2 dollars to your account and put Others the next day.

entertainment activities.

 Recreational activities are spread on the beaches of the Maldives, but each resort has its prices, and the jet ski is one of the most important activities there and rents up to 80 dollars/hour.

 There are also free activities that you can enjoy such as volleyball on the beach, water polo in the pool, and sports inside the pool.

Spa Health Care Center.

 It is one of the tourist activities found in most hotels and resorts in the Maldives. which most tourists are looking for. especially honeymooners. where you can get a wonderful massage session at the hands of Thai specialists.

 and you can choose one of the available types of massage such as third massage - foot massage - body massage – Full body massage – Massage cable – Relax massage.

 You can also relax and have a relaxation session inside the Rose Bath while enjoying cold juice. These services are available for reasonable prices, but prior reservation is required.

Prices for private pools in the Maldives.

 There are no private swimming pools in all the resorts, but most of the rooms that are located inside the sea have a private terrace and a house (crossing) from the back of the sea. in which it is possible to swim easily and with almost complete privacy.

Restaurant prices and food cost.

 In every resort or island of the Maldives. there are at least 3 restaurants, so the hotel or resort reservation for the newlyweds should include breakfast.

 due to the high costs of food, you should know that the price of one meal for two people is never less than $ 200, so always make sure to eat breakfast at the hotel and bring some canned goods with you in your travel bag to eat in case you feel hungry, and not need expensive restaurant meals.

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