How the immortality sparked controversy in the Maldive

 How the immortality sparked controversy in the Maldiveignited Dr. Kholoud A state of controversy among the pioneers of social media, after the photos and clips she published from the scenes of her last trip to the Maldives.

How the immortality sparked controversy in the Maldive

Dr. Kholoud ignites controversy because of what she did for her children on her trip to the Maldives.

 accompanied by her family, revealed clearly the behavior she had done for her four children.

 The video of the first appearance of Dr. Kholoud after her ill health reveals how her condition became

" How the immortality sparked controversy in the Maldive ".

 I brought Dr. Kholoud Four workers with her in order for each one to take care of one of her children, which exposed her to severe criticism from the pioneers of the communication sites.

 who confirmed that she exaggerates the use of nannies so that she can devote herself completely to relaxation and recreation after she had recently had severe pains in her head that required her transfer to the hospital.

 but the tests proved her safety later, and she only underwent Cupping therapy to get rid of headaches.

 On the other hand, a number of followers of the Gulf fascistista praised her appearance without make-up completely in the pictures circulated of her from her trip.

 where she appeared Dr. Kholoud She, her husband, Model Amin, and their four children enjoy a relaxing tropical setting, while her husband is busy teaching his eldest daughter, Kholoud, to swim.

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