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 Soneva provides health services Maldives Islands Resorts.December 2019: Soneva, the world's leading luxury resort operator, has announced the list of wellness therapists that will be hosted at Soneva Jani Resort, Noonu Atoll in the Maldives, from December 2019 to early 2020.

Soneva provides health services | Maldives Islands Resorts

Soneva, the first resort in the Maldives to provide its visitors with health services

" Soneva provides health services Maldives Islands Resorts ".

 The therapists include experts in Ayurvedic medicine, Natural, Massage, Pilates, Yoga, and more. These therapists reflect Soneva's commitment to focus on holistic wellness.

 grounded in mind, body, and spirit by drawing on four core pillars: wellness of mind and spirit, sleep and body; Food and life wellness. Thus these therapists focus on these pillars in their practices.

Roger Moore - Wellness of the Soul and Sleep.

 British-born Roger is one of the world's most recognizable healers, with over 30 years of experience in Western medical, scientific, and health methods, Eastern "shamanic" esoteric and spiritual approaches, and rituals of wellness and happiness.

 Roger combines the two areas with the third area of ​​psychological and spiritual philosophy, creating a holistic, unique, and integrated approach to wellness, happiness, and health.

 Among his most popular treatments are: chakra massage; metamorphosis, which uses a combination of reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage, and aura; deep tissue massage therapy.

 Chi ni Tsang massage, with chi massage for the abdomen; The Watsu treatment is a combination of Zen Shiatsu, Tai Chu and deep tissue massage.

 Notably, Roger is named one of the Top Eight "World's Worth Traveling Healers" in the Tatler Travel Guide in the Best of the Best edition.

 It was also voted as "Best Therapist with Best Treatment" at Shiva Sum Spa, (Asia) by Elite Traveler magazine in the USA. His track record of celebrity clients includes Van Morrison, Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Richard Gere, and John Frieda, as well as numerous politicians and CEOs.

Dr. C. n. Lakshman - Food & Life Wellness.

 There is no doubt that Ayurvedic medicine is the passion of Dr. Lakshman, who completed his training in this ancient healing art in Chennai and learned from revered Ayurvedic teachers.

  He specializes in a range of treatments, including pediatrics; eye, ear, nose, and throat care; cancer care; panchakarma (the process of cleansing the body of toxins from disease, malnutrition.

 and environmental pollution); And Fijian Club (a method of diagnosis in Ayurvedic medicine based on the pulse of the patient). He also advises his patients on following the Ayurvedic diet and making appropriate lifestyle changes.

 In 2003 he was honored with the Jivaka Award by Himalaya Pharmaceuticals and was asked to be a speaker in Ayurvedic forums. Dr. Lakshman completed his postgraduate education from Pune in Ayurvedic Therapeutics and is currently completing his Ph.D.

  focusing on Cancer, Diabetes, and Thyroid Problems in Chennai. Throughout his career, he has worked for several prestigious Ayurvedic institutions, including the Arya Vaidya (Pharmacy) Institute (AVP), and the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT).

Pooja Das - Food & Life Wellness.

 Pooja has completed her diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma, having started her journey in the field of Ayurvedic healing in 2016. Since then, she has worked in leading Ayurvedic institutions in Kerala and Goa. In 2018, Pooja joined the team of Dr.

 Lakshman, who specializes in Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies such as Abyangam, Shirodhara, and Keji. It also works on Ayurvedic pressure points to help facilitate deep tissue healing and lymphatic drainage.

Jobin Kanonel Joy - Food & Life Wellness.

 Gubin began his journey in the ancient art of Ayurveda healing when he completed his Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma in 2011. Since then he has worked for several leading Ayurvedic institutions across India. He joined Dr.

 Lakshman's team in 2016 and has practiced Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments which include Abyangam and specialized Marma massages.

Mark Yefifeev - Body Wellness.

 Mark, of Russian nationality, has been working professionally as a physiotherapist, sports coach, and massage therapist for more than 25 years.

 He trained at the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Education, before receiving further training in sports massage, acupuncture, orthopedics, and chiropractic over the years.

 Mark has also worked as a functional and rehabilitation coach with many high-performance individuals including athletics athletes, AFC football teams, and Olympic athletes.

 He has extensive knowledge in health, fitness, nutrition, and injury recovery, specializing in acupuncture; chiropractic; cupping; Swedish sports, deep tissue massage; and personal training.

Pawan Kumar - Mind Wellness.

 The Pawan hails from a traditional Hindu family in the Himalayan region of India. Raised from a childhood surrounded by spiritual practices and instructions, he studied yoga at various ancient Indian ashrams and with Himalayan yoga teachers.

 Pawan uses his practices along with his experience with yoga teachers, to help heal individuals and spread awareness about yoga as a lifestyle choice around the world.

 Pawan views yoga as a branch of science, a form of a disciplined life, and a practical system of self-education. In addition to being a discipline of the mind, senses, and the physical body.

 Yoga also helps its students to master their thoughts, feelings, morals, and spiritual peace and is the key that unlocks the realms of peace, bliss, mystery, and miracles.

 Pawan has experience in Traditional Hatha Yoga; advanced yoga (classical yoga poses); vinyasa yoga; the yoga mantra (innovation); pranayama (regulating and controlling breathing); meditation (traditional Vedic meditation and mantra meditation); and chaat karma (yoga detoxification practices).

About Soneva Fushi Resort.

 The award-winning luxury resort Soneva Fushi has set new standards of excellence in the luxury wilderness resort scene in the Maldives following its establishment in 1995.

 With its prime location in the UNESCO-listed Baa Atoll, the luxury resort Soneva Fushi embodies an extraordinary blend of the magical creative realms of Robinson Crusoe and the inspiring vocabulary of luxury.

 The resort features 61 private villas with spacious beachfront areas, nestled among lush vegetation and close to breathtaking coral reefs. Visitors to the resort also enjoy the highest levels of luxurious service provided by the dedicated service staff.

 Highlights of the resort include an open-air cinema 'Cinema Paradiso', a high-tech star observatory where guests can count the rings of Saturn, chocolate rooms, and homemade ice cream.

 The resort also offers more than 500 fine wines, 5 fine dining restaurants, and an endless number of unique dining destinations. In November 2016, Soneva launched the concept of the floating water villa, Soneva in Aqua.

 in addition to the unique tents and huts for children, and a multi-use facility that includes an exhibition of glass products, a shop, and a studio that allows visitors to learn the art of glassblowing.

 The unique experiences offered by the resort are complemented by its distinct philosophy of simplicity, relaxation, union with nature, and avoidance of anxiety.

About Soneva

 Comprising a leading portfolio of hospitality facilities and services, Soneva offers its visitors an exceptional range of immersive experiences in luxurious and inspiring atmospheres and environments, ranging from world-class hotels to unique natural destinations.

 Based on its philosophy that combines the vocabulary of luxury with the efforts of sustainability and preservation of the environment, which is integrated with its endeavors to give new concepts to the hospitality sector, Soneva works to provide its visitors with high-value experiences and services that suit all their different needs.

 Currently, Soneva Fushi, Soneva Jani, and Soneva in Aqua in the Maldives are owned and operated by Soneva, as well as Soneva Keri in Thailand.

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