Things you should know before traveling to the Maldives

" Things you should know before traveling to the Maldives ".

 Things you should know before traveling to the Maldives. The Maldives is one of the most famous islands and tourist destinations dedicated to rest and spend the most unforgettable times. It is certainly well known. Today, here are some basic tips before traveling to the Maldives.

Things you should know before traveling to the Maldives

Extra expenses.

 You should know that in the Maldives the additional expenses may be very expensive, as all drinks and food are imported from abroad to the capital, his money, and then to the water resorts, where, for example, the prices of 3 or 4-star resorts may reach the prices of more than 5-star resorts in other places.

 In addition, two taxes are added to each resort: 10% for hotel services and 8% for services.

What are comprehensive services?   

 All-inclusive resorts are very popular in recent years. But what are these comprehensive services or the concept of all-inclusive? You should know that these services are not the same in terms of quality and quantity in all Maldives resorts.

 Ask the following questions for the resort you liked: eg Are coffee and other soft drinks included in these services? Are there special offers for children? As for food, are all resort restaurants included with services? and others...

E-contact..confirm in advance.

 The Maldives is ideal for those who want to abandon the daily routine and live the experience of a trip without an electronic connection, but sometimes tourists are forced to obtain the Internet for several reasons even during their trip.

 Here you should ask in advance about the internet connection services at the selected resort, as some of these resorts provide this service for free while you have to pay for it.

 You should know that in some resorts the price for an hour of the internet is 10 dollars and even all internet packages are very expensive.

 Make sure that if you want peace of mind, the "wi-fi" is present throughout the resort, even in the rooms.

Basics of marine sports.

 Many agree that visiting the Maldives is mainly about the love of snorkeling and diving. Therefore, you should know the following information if you are a fan of these sports:

- Several rare fish in some resorts you can see if you swim a few distances from your beach. In this case, your ability to swim quickly makes a difference, as you may encounter in the sea what you do not expect!

- On the other hand, your choice of a resort may lead to the access to the snorkeling site being far away and the need for prior reservation. Confirm this information with your resort.

Avoid surprises.

 Advice that is suitable not only for the family of the Maldives but for many destinations. If your travel budget is not open, make sure your bill is in the middle of the trip, for example.

 so as not to be surprised by a high bill from the resort before its end. This will let you know your expenses and how much money you have left for the rest of your trip.

Private villa.

 If you want to book your villa in the Maldives, you must check the following information:

  1.  Know in advance its location relative to the beach.
  2.  Avoid being located close to the airport, generators, and restaurants.
  3.  Know the best part of the beach, and if you want to snorkel, look for coral reefs.
  4.  If you want privacy, ask for a hidden private villa, as there are villas of this type on many islands.  

Resorts and timings.

 An important fact that you should be aware of is that each resort is located on a separate island. This is the unique beauty of the Maldives, but you need to know the following:

- The arrival time of your flight may dictate that you sleep your first night in the capital or at the airport resort because transportation is not available late at night.

- You have to book your flight dates well in advance, including your departure date, especially since the last date for transportation is six in the evening, so if your flight is late at the airport, it must belong hours before you can travel.

Boat Navigation.

 If the water is not completely clear, the travel time may be double and you will not feel very comfortable.

 Choosing a resort that has a seaplane for transportation and is close to the capital's airport may be a better option.

flight delays.

 There is often a delay in the arrival times to the airport to take your flight back because you have to pass through 2 or 3 resorts before reaching the airport due to the transfer policy there, which may result in a delay of two hours or more.

 Therefore, to avoid problems, ask about the policies of the airline you are traveling with and the insurance for flight delays so as not to waste your money.


 The dry season can bring some rain sometimes with an overcast sky! The climate may differ greatly from one coastal area to another in the land area, which covers an area of 850 km from north to south.

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