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 VAR Resort support Maldives Islands Resorts. The Atmosphere Group of Hotels and Resorts supports the Ministry of Tourism in the Maldives. Mali, Maldives (30 March 2020 ) Varu Resort, the recently opened fifth resort of the Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts group.

 announced that starting today it will be used as a special site for the deployment of government teams to contribute to increasing national efforts against COVID-19 (the renewed coronavirus).

VAR Resort support. | Maldives Islands Resorts

 The Health Protection Agency of the Maldives is working to strengthen health, security, and safety measures to combat and reduce the spread of the renewed Coronavirus (Covid 19) within the country.

VAR Resort support Maldives Islands Resorts ".

 Strict measures have been taken and implemented on the local population and the entire travel sector along with new initiatives organized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives.

 Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts is helping the Maldives government to combat the coronavirus by presenting one of its five resorts to the Ministry of Tourism.

 All guests of Varu Resort will be transferred from today until further notice to one of the sister hotels of the Atmosphere group.

 Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts would like to follow its approach and mission, which is the joy of giving to give back and support the Maldives community and provide all possible assistance to eliminate and get rid of this difficult and critical stage.

About the  Atmosphere Group of Hotels and Resorts:

 The Atmosphere Group of Hotels and Resorts is a dynamic and rapidly growing group of hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean headquartered in the Maldives. Atmosphere opened its first resort, Atmosphere Kanifushi in December 2013.

 Then it opened its second resort, Oblayo, in Hellingley, November 2015. Followed by the luxury all-inclusive hotel Ozen by Atmosphere. in July 2016; Then Oplayo Select in Rangali. which opened in July 2018.

 The newest resort in the group is VARU  by Atmosphere. which offers a natural Maldivian experience. which opened on October 17, 2019.

 The Atmosphere Group of Hotels and Resorts offers guests an exceptional opportunity to spend a unique vacation amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature in the Maldives.

 It is characterized by high luxury, in addition to achieving the group's motto in providing services "The Pleasure of Giving".

The Atmosphere Resorts in the Maldives

The Atmosphere Resorts in the Maldives

 The Atmosphere Group of Hotels and Resorts, in association with EON Resorts & Key Hospitality, has announced premium holidays at four resorts located in the Maldives.

 The Atmosphere Group, the hotel, and resort specialist in the Indian Ocean, in cooperation with EON Resorts & Key Hospitality, the resort development group in the Maldives, presents four resorts that provide a distinct holiday experience in the Maldives.

Ozen Resort | Maldives Islands Resorts:

Ozen Resort | Maldives Islands Resorts:

 Located in Madhu, South Male Atoll, Ozen is the first luxury integrated resort in the Maldives to offer a luxurious holiday amidst the serene nature of this island.

 Moreover, every stay for customers of four nights or more includes a seafood experience inside the resort’s private M6m restaurant. Underwater Ozen.

Atmosphere Kanifushi Resort Maldives Islands Resorts:

Atmosphere Kanifushi Resort | Maldives Islands Resorts:

 Located in the Laviani Atoll, the luxurious Atmosphere Kanifushi Resort is a five-star resort that combines a blend of contemporary design and Maldivian architecture amidst unique rich tropical vegetation.

 The OBLU Resort is located in Helengeli. North Male Atoll. The four-star resort features vibrant. modern. and colorful interiors that reflect the unique tropical Maldivian designs.

 The resort is world-renowned for the snorkeling experience it offers to its guests to enjoy in a diving channel with unique coral reefs.

 OBLU SELECT is the fourth resort of the brand located in Rangali Island. northwest of Male Atoll. It is a four-star luxury resort that was recently opened during July and is characterized by offering a comprehensive plan to its guests to enjoy their stay at the resort.

 in addition to a unique experience through its month suites Honey over luxurious waters with swimming pool. it enjoys sunset view and is located in separate sandbank beside the special feature of the outstanding view of the sky.

 It is noteworthy that Atmosphere Hotels and Resorts offers the Premium All-Inclusive Accommodation Program. an offer that introduces an innovative concept in the region for integrated services to guests during their stay.

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