What is the price of food in the Maldives?

What is the Maldives?

 The Maldives are very beautiful tropical islands, surrounded by white sandy beaches, surrounded by swaying tropical palm trees, in addition to the presence of the clear waters of the gin in them that are teeming with marine life. and beauty.

What is the price of food in the Maldives?

What is the food of the Maldives?

 The food of the Maldives is a mixture of neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka and India, as the Maldives is a sea and therefore fish is the main food, in addition to coconut.

 which is a major part of the foodThe Maldivian, which is used in different forms such as milk or oil, or also used by sprinkling it over dishes. and the traditional Maldivian cuisine is called the Dhivehi cuisine, which contains a variety of flavors.

 and this food is characterized by the presence of moderate spices in it in addition to the sweet taste and that it is prepared by Techniques that have been inherited through generations.

 and at present, the Maldives is one of the areas frequented by tourists and is the main destination for them, so many resorts are spread all over the island in addition to a wide variety of foods for tourists, even vegetarians who are they.

 The Maldives depends on the basic ingredients, which are reflected in the names, coconut. and breadfruit, in addition to tubers and millet. and also depend on starches, which are manifested in grains and vegetables, but over time, the Maldivian cuisine has been developed and has been added special unique flavors.

Famous dishes in the Maldives.

 Maldivian cuisine consists of a group of varied and wonderful meals with multiple flavors and tastes, either crunchy meals and street foods that are eaten with chapati bread cooked on wood or meals characterized by the flavor of a complex. spicy and delicious curry, and here in this article we will address the famous dishes in the Maldives, namely:

  • Monkey fish soup

 It is considered one of the traditional dishes in the Maldives and is very important because it contains essential nutrients for the local people.

  The Qorudiya dish is a fragrant fish stew cooked using fish and water in addition to salt and then served with rice, pepper, and lime.

  • Mas Honey dish, whose name in Arabic is smoked grated tuna.

 The Mas Huni dish is one of the very well-known foods in the Maldives, which contains tuna and is smoked grated. This dish is served with coconut in addition to lemon and onions.

 The coconut must be grated. It is one of the dishes served at breakfast, and it is eaten using chapatti bread. who is known as Roshi?

  • Masroushi dish, which is known as chapati stuffed with tuna.

 Masroshi chapati, which is stuffed with smoked tuna as well as stuffed with coconut, has a special flavor due to the curry leaves and spices added to it and can be found in Café Rio as well as find handy Commando, which is open from 7 am to 12 am.

  • Peace Kimya dish, which is known as samosa.

 It is a dish very similar to samosas and spring roll and is considered one of the light and good dishes. This dish consists of pastries filled with tuna in addition to boiled eggs, and onion slices and fried cabbage are added to them, provided that they are grated.

 This dish can be found and purchased from street cafes in Male and Hulhulmale, It usually opens from eight in the morning until ten in the evening.

  • Bushi Mashoni “ Banana Salad with Banana Blossom”.

 This dish is a mixture of crunchy banana flowers in addition to fresh coconut, curry leaves are added to it in addition to turmeric and cumin, which give it a delicious flavor.

 and spices and lemon are also added in addition to the main ingredient, the Maldivian pepper, which gives this dish a special refreshing flavor. The Rio Café is open from five in the morning until one in the morning.

  • Maldivian lobster dish.

 As the taste of lobsters is delicious and melts in the mouth and leaves a unique taste, and we can get the Maldivian lobster dish from the Edge restaurant, which opens from half-past seven in the evening until ten-thirty in the evening, in addition to that it is located in the Itha restaurant located under the sea and this restaurant opens from Eleven in the morning until two in the evening.

  • Saagu Bondibai.

 It is one of the small starchy dishes that are a major component of the diet, and it is a dish derived from the spongy pulp of tropical palm stalks. it is stuffed with coconut milk in addition to cardamom and rose, and is immersed in condensed cream milk, this dish is considered a dessert.

Food prices in the Maldives.

 The prices of food in the Maldives vary from one place to another and from one cafe or restaurant to another. and here we will address in this article the prices of food in the Maldives.

 We find that there are cheap restaurants in the capital. Male. where there are inexpensive cafes for residents. and the prices of food in these places are cheap. be as follows:

  • Tuna rice $1,9 = 30 MVR.
  • Chicken rice 2.6 USD = 40 MVR.
  • The main course is curry with chicken or fish with rice and it costs about 0.97 USD.
  • Soft ice cream on the street costs about 0.65 - 0.97 USD = 10 - 15 MVR.

As for the food in restaurants in Male, they are expensive. and they are the places designated for tourists. We also find that there are a large number of medium-range cafes, but they are expensive. and they were created specifically for local people who have money. and the prices of food inexpensive places are as follows:

  • Sandwiches 1.6 - 2.9 USD = 25-45 MVR.
  • 2.3 - 3.2 USD burger = 35-50 MVR.
  • Coffee 1.6 - 2.6 USD = 25-40 MVR.
  • Cocktails 3.2 - 3.6 USD.
  • Tea 1.3 - 2.3 USD = 20-35 MVR
  • Smoothies 1.9 - 3.2 USD = 30-50 MVR
  • Muffin Cake 0.97 - $2.59 = 15-40 MVR
  • Ice cream 0.65 - 2.26 USD.
  • Popcorn 0.32 USD.

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Where are the Maldives located?

 The Maldives is located in the southwest of Sri Lanka and India and is considered an archipelagic country in the Indian Ocean. and it is one of the smallest countries in Asia.

 Naturally. in addition to two hundred locally inhabited islands and thousands of other coral islands, in addition to the sandy banks located in them. the capital of the Maldives is Male. This capital is located in the center of the Atoll.

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